And everything goes crazy​.​.​.

by Bunkum

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Out on Mass Prod, Complot Mat'sa and Bästardz rcds.


released September 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Bunkum Cirières, France

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Track Name: To give
You gave them a smile
you gave them a hand
you gave them your time
you gave them your life

Another winter spent in the streets
20 years of pain searching for food and drink
and nothing brings about some change in the situation
the government had left all these people

but one day a man created these restaurants
where the most helpless ones could go and have a free hot meal
you left us in 1986
and since then, nobody has forgotten all what you've done

without you, many families would never have enough to eat
Track Name: American arrest
Get in my car, let's go to the party
It's Friday night and five fucking working days have gone by
It's time to take control of our lives
All the crew is ready, the car is packed with beers and drugs
Before leaving the towm, a last drive in center to watch your wives' asses
Before leaving the town, a last drink at the bar to really feel allright.
turn up the volume, raybeez is not dead
this is the sound of revolution!

Hardcore / Hip-Hop, it comes from the streets!

The "rats" is now on the car radio, we are all pulled together
Give me another beer I don't feel enough relaxed
Oh shit, what can I see? Fucking cops and I'm drunk.
Don't stress, nothing can happen, because the night is ours
Track Name: Too late
We changed president in May 2007
And now what's the situation?
Life is harder and the rift between riches and poors get bigger
It's too late, no apologies
It's too late, we're at the point of no return
all your promises were bullshit
we work more and more but the bills go on to pile up
so many families are waiting for you to give them a hand
you've forgotten the youth, the workers, the homeless,
all the people who believed in you
you forgot us!!!
All that you could do or say now won't change anything
Track Name: Not this time
One more day confined in this bed, waiting for better outcomes
My life is in their hands
I try to keep the faith
My family and friends are here for me
and without them I wouldn't have the strength to overcome that ordeal

Young and old, I think of you
Men, women, children, this is for you
We just have to accept the judgement and go on to keep the faith

Not this time, I'll fight for life 'till the end
Not this time, Some cans to drink with you left
Not this time, I haven't finished what I've started
Not this time, I'm not ready for the other side
Track Name: Gangsta from the rich block
Always the first on clothes and shoes
Girls are impressed by your style
the boss, the fucking boss of the neighborhood
you're just about good enough to afraid the grandmothers from your district

you're the gangsta from the rich block
Track Name: Your distress
Nothing will ever be the same!!!

You've been living with this feeling of hate
for already one year
It was the last time you saw her
for days and nights you think of
her smile lighting up her face
reports on tv remind you of this fucking day

he lived in the same street
charged with rape five years ago
and free for two years
he killed your daughter
he took a part of your life

You’ve been living one more day without her, without hearing her voice, without smelling her scent,
Only the photographs put on the table remind you of the past moments spent together.

Never, no never i can’t go on living in the past,
but i won’t never forget you.

And now, you’re waiting for justice
I can’t believe in your JUSTICE!
And i no longer trust in your JUSTICE!

Any words or acts can explain the horror
you taste to the bitterness of this fucking life
Track Name: Fuck you
It's so easy, motherfuckers
to judge us
about the things we do

fuck you, I want to kick your ass
fuck you I want to drink your beer
fuck you, I want to fuck your wife

fuckin' you!!!
Track Name: From the beginning
In 1998 when it all started
From the first show to the last album, you were there
this is for you, you and you. You know who you are


You gave us the strength to go far
your support was very important
We'll never forget your commitment
we had to fight for some recognition

For the Cirières crew
All together,
We build our history
Track Name: We pay the bill
Give me my money, my cash back
Give me what you stole from me
Another law is another tax
The law has been made for the rich!

Each new day is a fight, this is the fight to survive
we stay dignified and never give up
we must pay for your mistakes

No time to breathe, no time to breathe
We pay the bill!

And tomorrow, what will you take from me?
Track Name: Beer of the death
Hey! Hey! Hey!
This is a story! About the BK crew!
A tales from the cellar! Known by few!
Beer of the death! Beer of the death!
6 AM and the sun is rising
We are drunk and nearly sleeping
It’s time to test your body
So drink this one and feel happy
Beer of the death! Beer of the death!
What’s the fuck is going on!
I don’t remember this night!
Wake up and smell this shit
This is my fucking vomit
Beer of the death! Beer of the death!
This is about parties
This is about fun
For all our friends
One beer, two beers! And 3 and 4!!!
Before driving the black virgin road!