Dog's Life

by Bunkum

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Out on Complot Mat'sa, Hardcoretrooper rcds, Mass Prod and Bästardz rcds.


released December 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Bunkum Cirières, France

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Track Name: United colors
The world is abig mixture of cultures.
What's in the news today?
Another racist murder.
You stabbed him in the back, why this hatred for the people?
You think your blood is pure, you think your race is superior an you hate the difference.
United colors is what I dream of.
You're racist, remember the past.
You're racist, we have to learn by one's mistakes.
Remember the past and never forget.
Fuck you and all your fascist philosophy.
We're all the same, we come from the same thing.
Track Name: Forgotten of society
This is for those who fight hard for life.
This is for those who nobody talks about.
Life is an eternal struggle, and most of us will never get up again.
Dedicated to fallen people of society.
Forget all the clichés you are used to seeing
We must help each other, this is for your forgotten of society.
This for those who work hard, against them who don't care about the helpless.
Track Name: Fucking riot
My country is burning, why all that violence today?
What did you expect from us?
Our families gave their lives for you.
Days go by and it's the same.
No the patience to wait your acts.
Your speeches make no sense.
It's the beginning of the revolution.
You don't hear the scream.
Words are fucking words, when will you act?
The fire is burning in ou eyes.
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!
Track Name: HxC killers
You criticize us but you know nothing about my crew.
I allready told you "who are you to judge me"
You forget what hardcore is about :
Support all the bands and guys who make the scene.
One scene unity, you don't believe it.
Switch off your computer and come on in da pit!
We don't need you, you never understand.
So fuck you man, you're now my enemy.
Track Name: Run to death
The distance increases more and more between you and me. You depsise us and think we're just a burden to your class.
I'm just like you.
I work hard years after years but for what?
Run after the money and take it with you to your grave.
I don't find my place in your society.
I don't want to live the life you want to impose on me.
Track Name: Just a slave
You wake up this morning at 4, you're eleven and allready 4 years of exploitation.
You make the shoes for those who trampled your country.
Life isn't a fight for you, no more!
Life is pain!
They make money with your suffering.
Maybe they have children, do they work?
No, I don't think but you're just a slave.
Children's dreams are gone, heroes don't exist.
One two three, free, free, free, free!
Youthink about our lives, lives without chains where you can have a say.
I hope for better days for you with more respect and liberties.
Track Name: Where do we live?
Leaders of a nation or their workers, who are the honest people?
Another promise, another lie.
News are distorded, we can sleep peacefully.
While you take care controlling the nation.
In a world of lies, social inequalities.